Hailing from the East Coast of Canada


Megan Edwards has made the entertainment industry part of her life for as long as she can remember. At age ten, she started her career as a child model and went on to compete in several different competitions, becoming a regular in the local fashion and mannequin modeling shows.

As a teen and young adult, she had speaking roles in TV shows and several TV movies. When it was time for college, Megan decided to try broadcasting. She studied Radio and Television Arts and graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Journalism. Her first job wasn’t on television, however – she started as a weekend announcer at a Top 40 radio station in Halifax, NS and worked her way up to Midday Show Host. In 2008, Megan decided to try something new and entered the Miss Nova Scotia World Pageant.

After being crowned Miss Nova Scotia World, she attended the Miss World Canada pageant in Toronto where she placed in the Top 10. After a whole year dedicated to pageants, Megan decided to return to her number one passion: T.V.

Megan and a close friend developed an idea about a travel show that focused on the people of each town they visited. It was called “The Moment”. She co-hosted this show and travelled around the Maritimes for two seasons. In November 2011, she felt she had accomplished everything she could in Halifax and made the big move all the way across Canada to Vancouver, BC. Since then, Megan has been working very hard!

Megan Edwards has been involved with a number of websites as an anchor and entertainment reporter; she is the Saturday Morning Announcer on 94.5 Virgin Radio and reports the traffic on Virgin Radio and TSN 1040 – Monday to Friday; Megan has made numerous appearances on CTV Morning Live, reporting about the 2013 Juno Awards, The 2013 Much Music Video Awards and Weekly Entertainment Headlines; she has made frequent appearances on The Fame Factor Panel on CTV News Channel, which airs nationally.

Megan is also the co-founder of the company StepMoms Anonymous, which is designed to support, encourage and give StepMoms a place to go where they won’t be judged. Furthermore, Megan is the Founder of “Inked by M.E.” – a company that makes greeting cards for StepMoms and Blended Families. Megan realized it’s almost impossible to find a nice card to or from a StepMom. She wants to be the one to change that!

Megan was a spokesperson for the brand “So So Happy”, during Bullying Awareness Week in Canada in November of 2013. Recently, she has become the spokesperson for Girly Bits Cosmetics, a company that makes high quality, unique and cruelty-free nail lacquer that is hand-crafted in Canada and shipped worldwide.

Although work is her life, Megan DOES have other interests! She loves fashion (especially from England!), decorating, she is starting to love going to the gym (it’s taken a while to love that one!!) and she is an avid traveler.

She’s been to all of the Canadian Provinces, 11 States in the US, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, England, France, and Germany and has plans to travel the rest of the world…preferably on a travel TV show. Go figure!!